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Social Media Marketing and Influencer Collaborations

OneSocialStreet has the reputation as one of the most influential and active marketing agencies around. We separate ourselves from the competition by making sure our marketing team work directly with our clients to achieve the visions that they have for each campaign.

We have built valuable relationships with every influencer on our roster, which is why we are able to bring the best deals to the table and get our clients the best value when approaching marketing campaigns.  With a network boasting more than 120M followers (and counting) through multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Music.ly and Instagram), there is great potential for you to connect directly to your customers.

Whether you are a new business or a large corporation, a brand, a film/TV production company or a talent looking to extend their audience, we can produce the most efficient social media campaign and collaborations that will make a major impact in your marketing efforts.



We pride ourselves on being very creative when we are developing campaigns, collaborations and content development.



There is nothing more important to us than providing excellence in our service.


Our Network

In order to build the distribution network we have, we continuously bring value to our influencers, their representation and our brands.



Let’s face it, there are a lot of people claiming to know how to build your social media but we are not only knowledgeable from years of experience but we are also affordable and timely which makes us very efficient.

Just a few of our Influencers...


A Showcase of Our Success

Paramount Pictures: Anchorman 2

Social Media Marketing

This comedy is the sequel to the worldwide hit Anchorman starring Will Ferrell and Meagan Good. Our creative team was hired to promote Star Actress Meagan Good and the feature film on social media. Using mass social media promotion, we spearheaded a successful social campaign for the film resulting in mass exposure for the star actress and additional exposure to the film.

Universal Studios: Haunted House 2

Social Media Marketing

This Comedy is the sequel to an unexpectedly popular major film, Haunted House starring Marlon Wayans and Jaime Pressly. The marketing team worked directly with Jamie Pressly and her team to promote the film on social media. We used social advertisements from various comedy pages and influencers to build buzz across the country for the film. The film exceeded expectations earning over 5 times of the film's production budget.

Christina Milian

Social Media Marketing

Our company has been developing social content and marketing for Multi-Platinum recording artist, actress, and model Christina Milian. We spearheaded campaigns, skits and covers for Christina's Vine platform along with YouTube. A handful of our very popular influencers with millions of followers were brought together and collaborated with Christina on the social campaign.

The results were 2 million video views
in just one day.


Influencer Collaborations

Reggie Couz has worked on many large company branding campaigns; one of his most successful viral promotional series was for Coca Cola that was seen by tens of millions of people on multiple social media platforms.

Reggie Couz is a social star we develop creative and branding campaigns for and he has grown his following to almost 4 million fans in the last two years.

Solo Parent Magazine

Strategic Planning and Social Media Marketing

We spearheaded the social campaign for Solo Parent Magazine. This was a challenging campaign as the company was brand new with zero social media and the demographics were very targeted and specific. We created a marketing campaign on Twitter and Facebook and grew the company a loyal following of over 10,000 people within three months of beginning the campaign. By targeting keywords, demographics and using creative video campaigns, we were able to break through to this niche audience and build a solid following for our client.

Jordyn Woods

Influencer Collaborations and Event Production

Jordyn Woods is one of fastest rising social stars and entertainers. When we met Jordyn a couple of years ago, she was just starting to bubble on social media with around 300k followers. One Social Street put together social campaigns and original content ideas for Jordyn so that she could expand her brand. Jordyn was able to land a modeling contract with Wilhelmina NY and is known for her involvement with the powerhouse Kardashian family. Jordyn has now grown a following in the millions and is becoming a global brand.


Social Media Marketing

Views Before Marketing Campaign:
Views After Marketing Campaign:

The Production Team of this short film came to us to promote their short film, a promotion for Rockstar Games and the worldwide phenomenon: Grand Theft Auto. Over the next 2 months we successfully garnered over 2 million views, creating a viral buzz that over the next year, would result in 10 million views worldwide.


Social Media Marketing and Influencer Collaborations

A handful of our influencers were chosen to market an up and coming dating app called “Badoo.” The campaign went on for months and resulted in a top ranked application with OVER 25 MILLION USER SIGNUPS.

Conversions are high when the content is entertaining!

The Princeton Review

Creative Services

We were hired by industry leader in test prep company, The Princeton Review to rework their social media page design and branding. They were looking to connect with a younger audience and wanted pages specific to their test market. We successfully developed the overall creative design and each of the pages for their market.


How we can be useful for you

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Social Media requires knowledge and expertise more than luck.

Creative Content, Consistency and Community are the “C’s” we live by when building out a successful social media marketing and management strategy.  It is imperative to understand the community/platform, have creative content that keeps your audience engaged and consistently posting the content will establish the proper social media presence.

Our team can create, post and monitor the content which in turn will grow the audience.  We have the experience to create results!

We understand that every client has different needs, and our team of branding experts will define your needs for every aspect of the marketing campaign. Even though general followers are good for any business, we have strategies and techniques to target specific demographics.

By choosing One Social Street to run your marketing operations, you allow your brand the opportunity to be exposed efficiently!

Social Media Marketing

Through our understanding (and a TON of trial and error), we know when and what to post in order to gain the most traction on any social media campaign.

Influencer Collaborations

We bring in social influencers to assist in collaborating on content and outreach to their tremendously loyal fan bases.  This allows your brand or company to have instance recognition and most times, new customers.

Strategic Planning

Before you head in your direction, you should always know where and WHY you are going there.  We work with our clients to formulate the proper strategic plan prior to any engagement to ensure a more direct line to success.

Branded Campaigns

We work with brands to develop the right campaign, branded content (through our production company) and collaborations with influencers to help them reach their target audience.

Creative Services

From photo shoots to video content to websites and mobile apps, we have a highly skilled creative team to give you the tools necessary to promote your company, talent or brand.

Event Productions

We have produced several events to help promote our brands, businesses and influencers.  Events bring out your audience and we have the team to produce successful functions.

Boost Your Followers


We have the expertise to boost your followers dramatically in a short amount of time, and best of all, we do this organically so your followers are actually people who can benefit from your message.

Content Creation Services


Having content created consistently is the key to a strong social media presence. We can develop your images, videos and content plan to make sure you have the proper tools for a solid campaign.


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Our marketing campaigns have helped businesses and entertainers all over the country improve there social presence and following. Each campaign is marketed with a unique approach, creativity and strategy.

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